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Dixan Power Caps 60 Washes

Pre-dosed in caps: Dixan detergents in comparison

If you are looking for a practical solution for your laundry, with a detergent that melts at low temperatures and without having to use the special detergent drawer, then the detergent in caps is definitely the right choice for you! Dixan Power Caps is already perfectly pre-dosed and dissolves completely when it comes into contact with water, thanks to its innovative three-chamber technology. Is white your favorite color, for the home and for your clothing? Dixan Power Caps Classico is equipped with the innovative Deep Clean Technology formula: for a spotless clean, brilliant and lasting freshness. The detergent acts delicately on the fabrics, preserving them and giving them a new vitality. If you want a specific product for colored garments, which protects against the graying of colors,


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