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How it all began

It all started in 1922 with Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, and his fascination for curls. Above the drugstore he ran with his wife, he started experimenting and producing hair products. Where previously hair was curled by heating curling irons over gas burners, Jan Keune managed to develop a formula for permanent liquid. It became a resounding success that women ran away with it. The Dutch product conquered the world and Keune Haircosmetics became a fact in 1925 when Jan officially wrote the drugstore in his name. 

A new era

As voluminous hairstyles became fashionable, Jan introduced hairspray and a cold perm formula. He then launched hairspray in a "new" aerosol can - just press and spray! His next invention was gel. Later, Jan's son George introduced mousse. He preferred this French word to the English 'foam'. George Junior brought us Tinta Color, a worldwide success.

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